PSiiSP take responsibility for delivering any damaged or incorrect products to our customers. Our customer-friendly Return and Replacement policy helps our customers to get what is ordered and paid for. To ensure high standards and transparency , we present Psiisp’s policy of return and replacement.

What can be Returned?

Our customers can return or ask for exchange of item in the following situations.

  • The item is incorrect. 
  • The product doesn’t work or look as described as shown on our website. 
  • The package doesn’t have the necessary and committed accessories with the ordered item. 
  • The package contains a damaged product.

Replacement Criteria

It is one of our responsibilities to change the faulty product with the correct one when we deliver the wrong products to our customers. But in our return policy, we accept the claim of replacement if customers return damaged products maintaining the criteria we have set. Our company takes no responsibility when a buyer fails to follow the criteria for not adhering to the replacement policy.

  • The product should not be used (exception: trial or testing).
  • The customer can’t change the condition of the product or replace accessories with the product. 
  • Anything that comes free or as a gift with the order is not for replacement. 
  • The returned product should have manufacturer stickers, tags, and labels without any damage. 
  • Customers have to return products with their original packaging and box with Psiisp invoices and documents. 

How to Inform Us

  • After getting the product, email us on our website using the contact button … describing your complaint about the product with the product’s latest photo. Also, attach the invoice number and other documents if you can. 
  • The email with the necessary proof should be sent within 24 hours of getting the delivery. 
  • Our Customer support member will tell you the address where you have to send the faulty item. 
  • You can return the product by whichever means best suits you, however your countries postal service or a reliable courier should be used. 
  • The returned product needs to reach our office or our seller shop within fourteen days of the delivery date. 
  • After receiving the return , we will check the i tem and take your claim into our consideration. , we will either send the replacement or exchange , if this is what you have asked, or issue a full refund within seven workdays after the date of receiving the returned item.
  • where a refund is the only option, due to an item being out of stock, you will be notified and a refund issued within 7 days.